School Project
"Ainslee & Everette" offers a calming and strong identity. Ainslee, derived from the Old English, meaning meadow and Everette derived from the Old English, meaning strong, brave, and hearty. The idea behind Ainslee & Everette is not only found in the name, but through the colors pulled from nature, the calming greens, soft pinks, dark night sky blues, and the yellow of the golden hour sun. The representation of a duck as the ampersand helps identify Ainslee and Everette as a clothing store for children. The organic shapes and the uniqueness of the individual patches allows children to be their natural selves and make every outfit unique in their own way. The patch helps bring all of these wants into one reality.
Project requirements: logo design, packaging, tags, business card, envelope, and cover letter.
Timeline: 4 weeks

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